Whisky Blender

Create your own whisky, declare yourself the blender, and name the blend whatever the hell you want. It’s not often you get to work with a brand that has such a unique offering, and Front Page loved reshaping the world of Whisky Blender.

Whisky Blender bottle

Our task was to create a friendly brand that encourages customers to explore and enjoy whisky without fear, dispensing with the common misconceptions and snobbery that are normally associated with the industry. We set out to guide the customer on their own unique flavour journey, allowing them to leave their mark in the world of whisky.

We created a symbol that represents the brand while still evoking the quality associated with more traditional whiskies, giving Whisky Blender credibility within the industry.

Whisky Blender avatars

This is where Whisky Blender really comes to life. Using colours and textures to represent the seven flavours from the blending lab, we were able to create a system that visually conveys the endless blending possibilities of Whisky Blender. Not only does this give customers an instant feel for flavour, but the colours and textures help simplify the blending process onscreen.

To reflect the individuality of the product, we created multiple styles of business cards incorporating the various colours, textures and angled splits, while the reverse offers the recipient a friendly greeting.

Whisky Blender business cards

Through a bold and balshy typeface and playful tone of voice, we were able to build a brand with character that talks to customers like an old friend.

Alongside their very own whisky, each blender receives a guide to their first Whisky Blender tasting experience. Included with every bottle is a tasting chart, with tips and tricks on getting the most out of the blend again and again.

Whisky Blender inserts
Unfolding insert
Tasting chart

In addition to being a complete rebuild from the ground up, the website design needed to plug into Whisky Blender’s existing blend database.

The inspiration board allows you to see the latest creations from Whisky Blender customers, featuring a host of hilarious names and tasty blends. Avatars are created for each and every customer, dynamically generated from a formula based on the makeup of their blend.

The virtual blending lab is the core of the website and arguably the most important page. We prototyped and user tested several different blending mechanisms on multiple device types, to shape how this component would work.

Blending Lab desktop

As a unique gift idea for weddings, birthdays etc, we created a set of vouchers that were inspired by the colours, textures and angles of the brand creative. Paring back to only one style of voucher—instead of designing them for specific occasions—meant that we could offer customers a flexible gift option that’s suitable for any time of year.

Gift vouchers
Gift page