Movie posters

The client


Their challenge

Movie posters used to be a big deal. Not only did they give a sneak peak into a film, they wowed with creative designs, often becoming cult prints collected by thousands. Some have even paid in the hundred thousands to get their hands on limited-edition prints.

But the production of this type of poster isn’t something you see much anymore. At Front Page, we thought it was time to bring them back. And to get creatives from across the world to join us.

Now Showing

Our solution

We started Now Showing – a competition that gives movie-buffs the chance to reimagine film posters. Partnering with The Cameo Cinema, we used the films chosen by the acclaimed Danish director for their Nicholas Winding Refn Presents season. There were only three rules – posters had to be based on one of the six films he chose, no titles and no original copyright artwork.

To advertise, we created branding, a landing page, posters, a trailer and more. For the final event at The Cameo, they joined us – along with Long Lunch and Madrid’s Barfutura – on the judging panel. The six winners were awarded a Picture House membership, Cameo tickets, a book, a poster, a t-shirt or an exclusive Poster Project screenprint.

Now Showing
Now Showing

The results


increase in Cameo's ticket sales during the partnership

Over 5k

views of our trailer

7k visits

to our Now Showing website