Going for gold

The client

European Championships

Their challenge

After recruiting more than enough volunteers to staff the Glasgow 2018 European Championships, we turned our focus to advertising ticket sales.

The client needed creative that worked across print and digital – including billboards, posters, an event programme, digital ads, a website and flyers. The branding had to be eye-catching, while exciting and engaging locals on the lead up to the two-week event – all aimed at encouraging ticket sales.

European Championships
European Championships

Our solution

Moving on from recruiting volunteers, we switched our focus to the world-class athletes and sports while using the same iconic branding. We captured the competitors in their natural environment – from a gym to a golf course – in that split second before the action happens. The general feel of this phase was a sense of something big coming to the city, aimed at ramping up the excitement before tickets went on sale.

When tickets went live, we took the campaign to a whole new level – showing the athletes in all their glory through striking creative. Our work spanned digital and print, with a central Glasgow Subway media wall takeover, billboards, bus shelter ads, banners and skins.

European Championships

The results


increase in site sessions

Over 2x

the page views (from 16.5k to 48k)


increase in the time users spent on site

Iconic branding seen by millions of locals and tourists