A journey into the unknown

As part of the Front Page Project Room—an ongoing initiative to encourage collaboration and creativity among the team on a variety of projects outside of our usual client work—we’ve enjoyed a variety of activities ranging from screen-printing to sketching. We even branched out into the spirits industry with the help of our resident rum expert and co-founder of Rum Blender, Andrew.

First up, an initial tasting session where the team sampled seven different types of rum, learning about the process behind its creation and making notes on aroma, flavor and aftertaste. We then tried blending different rums together to create some entirely new ones that would work well in soon-to-be designed signature cocktails for our 25th birthday celebrations. The result was a trio of unique rum blends—a rich dark rum, a spicy golden rum, and a fragrant white rum—all of which would be produced in limited edition batches to be sold online. But of course, all this rum was going to need bottling, which lead in to the next stage of the project.

The brief? Create three designs that work alone and as an overall trio, which can be sandblasted onto the curved surface of a glass bottle. Sounds tricky, right? But the team rose to the challenge, coming up with a beautiful set of designs that told the story of the rum’s journey from its origins in the Caribbean, via Amsterdam for blending and over to Scotland for bottling and selling. The illustrations were drafted on a single, uniformed grid, created to ensure that the finished products would be cohesive in style and weight, even though three different designers were working on them individually.

The finished bottles were a resounding success; the designs worked fantastically in the space and the sand blasting created an unusual and tactile effect, making this unique run of spirits even more special. To complement the products, the team also collaborated on a quirky microsite, combining stunning photography, bespoke illustration and tailored copy to show off the bottles to their fullest potential.