The platform for success

RCCL is the largest cruise brand in the world. They are hugely reliant on the travel trade to make sure their holidays are front of mind when making sales. Ideally for the travel agents to engage with the fleet and all their features, you’d take them on a tour of the ships. But logistically this would be impossible with over 10,000 sales people, and a fleet of ships all over the world.

We came up with a groundbreaking solution. Using emerging technologies, we created a platform that allows every single trade partner to explore the ships. Cruising for Excellence is a series of immersive training modules set in ‘real life’ 3D environments in actual ship locations. The onboard experience is brought to life for travel agents through interactive learning, games, quizzes and virtual tours.

The results are fantastic.

  • A 248% increase in new UK trainee registration
  • 38,000 hours of effective training delivered at just £3.38 per hour
  • Travel agency professionals in 15 countries across the world can access the courses in 10 different languages
  • Over 286,000 global training sessions

For the first time ever Royal Caribbean International experienced far more participation at a much reduced cost. Our Cruising for Excellence training programme has won 18 international marketing, travel industry and training awards, including a DBA Design Effectiveness Gold Award.