Induction technology of a different kind

How do you make new employees excited about joining your company whilst ensuring their induction is a smooth one?

Publishers Macmillan Science and Education are no strangers to innovative technology solutions. When we suggested building an app to assist them with their onboarding process, our clients embraced the idea enthusiastically.

We created and launched an app that counted down each new employee to their start date with a video message from the CEO, access to e-learning modules, company policy and HR forms. To help build a better picture of their environment, we included a walk-through of the campus, introduced them to fellow colleagues and highlighted all the best local restaurants, caf├ęs and bars, so they could very quickly feel at home.


As a result Macmillan Science and Education new employees were able to hit the ground running as soon as they joined the company. The HR team were so excited about the release of the new induction app that the company are planning to release different language versions for the wider global team to utilise.