Boldly going where no gin has gone before

This headline is indeed a bold statement, especially in light of the booming gin market. But then, Lussa Gin is the first, and only, gin to come from the Isle of Jura off the west coast of Scotland. Founded in 2015 by three women who live and work here, it is a true representation of this wild and wonderful island. And we were delighted to be asked to create the gin’s branding, website and packaging/label design.

The brief’s proposition was simply ‘Jura in a bottle’. So communicating the provenance and location of Lussa Gin was key – after all, no other gin could make the same claim.

Lussa Gin’s botanicals are grown, gathered and harvested on the island – and given the unforgiving terrain, that’s no easy task. Hills and woods are combed for Scots pine, birch leaves, and bog myrtle; sea lettuce is fished from Ardlussa bay; and prior to distillation, water is sourced from a spring in the Lussa glen. Lussa Gin, like Jura, is the epitome of adventure.

So we produced a colour palette that encapsulated this vibrant and varied landscape – gold-sand beaches, rust-hued bracken, lush green hills and dark peaty lochans. The palette was complemented with a series of traditional pen and ink-style drawings to give us a ‘handmade’ illustrative treatment that lent itself to this small-batch, handcrafted gin.

Our fully interactive website was designed and developed in house. As you scroll down the website map, key areas involved in the Lussa Gin making process are brought to life with illustrations, text and photographs. We incorporated a bespoke Twitter Feed, which uses the Twitter API to fetch the latest Lussa-associated tweets that feature a photo image. These images are displayed alongside their corresponding tweet on the Feed. The website integrates with an online shop that uses a ‘Stripe’ payment processor. And Lussa Gin has been virtually flying off the (online shop’s) shelves. In just three months, Lussa are onto their fourth batch of production. A fantastic result for all involved.