A world-class identity for a world-class event

After pitching to create a new brand identity for the 2015 World Gymnastics Championships for Glasgow Life, we were delighted to be announced the winners. This was the start of an exciting three-year journey that would see us go from creating a logo for the one of the largest sporting events ever to be held in Glasgow (and a Rio 2016 Olympic qualifying event) to launching the marketing and building the event website.

The challenge? To create an identity for the 2015 World Gymnastics Championships that positioned Glasgow as a worldhost city for major events. The final design, chosen by British Gymnastics, reflected the dynamic movement of gymnasts and elements of the new SSE Hydro building, which was hosting the event. It was crucial that the logo looked just as impressive on a huge outdoor banner as it did on something as small as a pin badge.

Watching gymnasts in full flow is breathtaking. Freeze them mid-air and what you see is spectacular. With a clear vision in mind, we worked with a photographer and Olympic medal winning gymnasts, capturing their incredible strength, grace and form in a series of iconic images, which were to be released at key landmark dates throughout the campaign.

Where better to photograph gymnasts in action than at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, which trains some of the country’s leading sportsmen and women. The setting was perfect for our four gymnasts, who performed on the floor, pommel horse, beam and rings for our photographer, Christopher Reece Bowen. The safety of the gymnasts was our top priority, and crash mats were piled up high around the apparatus just in case the flash from the camera caused them to miss their footing. It soon became apparent when working with the boys that we wouldn’t have long to get the shots in the bag. Holding still on the apparatus for any length of time required superhuman upper body strength and very rapidly tired them out. Almost as nimbly as the gymnasts, we moved quickly through our shot list. Glasgow Life was enthralled with the end results, which were unveiled shortly before the opening of the 2015 World Gymnastic Championships.

Having established a powerful brand identity, we ensured it remained fresh and consistent for the next three years as we rolled it out over press, posters, leaflets, and ambient displays.