Healthy snacks make for great figures

One of Disney’s most successful promotions ever is Free Disney Dining. In fact it’s so popular it’s been repeated for the last 6 years. Although familiar with the promotion, we wanted to grab the attention of travel agents so this amazing offer would be fresh in their memories.

To launch this years campaign, we wanted to grab the attention and excite the agents that this amazing offer was back for them to sell. Like most people, we know a great way to a travel agent's heart - food.

We came up with the idea of treating them to a free breakfast. Delicious Graze boxes packed with healthy snacks were sent out to the top 500 agents. A special sleeve with the offer on it was wrapped around the box. When it comes to direct mail, we always serve up something special. From this successful launch, we continued to build momentum throughout the campaign through the trade press, HPTOs, banner ads and emails.