A dream-come-true for Disney

There’s an army of UK agents selling Disney, so it’s important they’re kept up-to-date with everything from all the latest consumer products to the most recent developments in the Disney brand.

We believed it was time for a completely fresh approach. We ditched the traditional print based learning method, which was costly, slow and ineffective, in favour of an online programme. ‘Disney Stars’ was created and used a combination of videos, games, modules, tutorials and quizzes to engage with the trade in an exciting and entertaining way. Disney can now track completion rates for each module and re-engage with users who have fallen away.

The results were spectacular.

  • A 100% increase in participation within 6 months
  • A 400% reduction in the cost of delivering courses
  • A 50% decrease in distribution costs
  • A 30% increase in passes and consequent increase in trade product knowledge

The programme continues to develop and evolve, and in the past 10 years has engaged over 50,000 travel agents with Disney Destination products. We’re always happy to make wishes come true for our clients.