Disney Destinations Monster Month Campaign for TUI

When Disney Destinations teamed up with TUI for an exclusive promotion, they wanted a stand-out campaign to sell it in to all their staff; explaining the offer, the agent incentive, and how to sell the promotion to their customers.

The problem was, travel agents are inundated with promotional materials on a daily basis, so our solution had to cut through the noise. We also had to present quite a lot of information in an engaging way, so they would buy in to the campaign and get excited about it.

For us, the key was to make the whole thing fun, and visually striking. A launch pack that would instantly set itself apart from the swathes of flyers and miscellaneous envelopes.

We came up with ‘Monster Month’, themed around the hit Disney Pixar movie, Monsters, Inc. Knowing their audience well, Disney decided to give away a copy of the film in each pack, so we came up with a neat self-mailer box cover, which would wrap around the DVD and also house an 8pp gatefold flyer plus consumer vouchers. The outer was designed to intrigue, with the flyer and vouchers sporting a bright, simple colour palette and creative that maximised the impact of the much-loved characters. Digital versions were also produced for inclusion on TUI’s intranet.

The campaign was a smash hit. Both Disney and TUI were delighted with the results, and TUI declared it to be the best campaign they’d run with Disney. Monster smiles all round, then.