The exhibition stand that delivers. Every time.

The UK grocery market has become an increasingly competitive place – you could say it’s positively cut-throat. Every year at the Royal Highland Show, Aldi showcases some of Scotland’s best and most sought after produce. It’s our job to make sure the exhibition stand attracts, educates and entertains Aldi’s customers.

We designed a barn-style theme for the stand with wooden-style panels on the walls and a straw-effect on the floor. Equal sections were created for the local food suppliers to promote their delicious produce.

  • Packshots made and displayed for each producer
  • An Aldi brand challenge competition
  • An interactive map game for kids to see where the food comes from
  • A picture gallery of the best suppliers in Scotland
  • Food tastings
  • A name the bear and design your own pie competition for kids

The result was a resounding success with over 188,000 visitors visiting the stand over four days. Best of all, Aldi is now synonymous with some of the world’s finest produce.