Digital & Mobile

We were early adopters of the emerging digital marketing technologies and that has helped us establish our reputation in UI and responsive design, digital advertising, e-learning, app development, and content planning. It has given us a well-rounded portfolio of creative and digital skills that we can apply to a wide range of marketing and communication challenges.




  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • What's the main purpose?
  • Solution fit


  • Boundaries and red lines
  • Areas of responsibility
    (joint and individual)
  • What does success look like?


  • Persona Development
  • User journey map
  • Site architecture


  • Touchpoints
  • Language strategy


  • Design requirements
  • Design components
  • Pattern library


  • SEO
  • Testing and feedback
  • Data/Integration
  • Measurements
  • Continuous development

Digital Strategy

We devise and run scoping workshops to help clients establish the right digital framework with which to deliver their goals. We align the value proposition, stakeholder considerations and the user experience to create a framework for design, content, analytics and marketing that everybody involved can easily work to. The format and content of our sessions is customised to meet the individual needs of our clients, resulting in a Digital Strategy Roadmap that can be used to implement the agreed plan, and also as a consistency and quality benchmark, as the project unfolds.

UX Design

We adopt a user-centred approach to explore all the available solutions for your specific user interaction problems. Understanding how users interact with technology—along with rigorous testing and best practice principles—allows our experienced UX designers to refine their designs and deliver the best possible user experience.

Mobile-first Design

We can make your site work wherever people want to use it, with cross-platform responsive design that guarantees an impeccable user experience. So whether that’s on mobile, tablet or good old desktop, your users will enjoy a consistent brand experience.

Content Planning

Content planning is about maximising the impact and value of content. We begin by developing user personas to determine a unique strategy for your brand, selecting the most appropriate content types to get your message across. Using analytics to inform our iterative process, we’ll ensure that your users enjoy an engaging, relevant, user-friendly experience, with measurable outcomes so that your content can continue to evolve.


We have extensive experience of developing a wide range of applications and solutions for everything from e-learning systems to asset management tools, as well as numerous types of CMS driven sites. Our highly skilled team has a range of experience in numerous areas, including:

  • .NET
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • PHP./LAMP technologies
  • Umbraco (certified Level 2)
  • HTML5 and Responsive Frameworks

We believe strongly in using the right tool for the job for each of our clients, to produce a solution that perfectly meets your individual needs, and which will adapt and grow along with your business.


Our award-winning, e-learning platform is fully customisable, allowing you to create a digital learning environment that complements your brand aesthetic. Our programmes are filled with interactive video, games, quizzes and copy, have been translated into multiple languages, and have delivered training to over 100,000 professionals worldwide. We’re pretty proud of it – even if we do say so ourselves.
Our e-Learning programmes are:

  • Brand immersive experiences
  • Customised to your requirements
  • Designed specifically for the needs of your learners
  • Flexible and easy to update
  • Built with full tracking and reporting
  • SCORM/Experience (Tin Can) API compliant (depending on requirements)


From concept to delivery, our team of digital developers will create a stable, effective app solution that works across iOS and Android devices. Using platforms like Xamarin, PhoneGap , Unity and native development, our UX designers and app developers work hand-in-hand in an agile method. Our user-centred approach—coupled with research, technical reviews and robust development lifecycle processes—ensures rapid development with stable results.

Digital advertising

We’ll get your creative working perfectly across a variety of platforms, be it dynamic banners serving up live weather feeds, pricing or location-based information, or targeted social ads tailored to your audience’s needs. We have extensive cross-platform experience and work with:

  • Flashtalking
  • DoubleClick (Certified Google Dynamic Partner)
  • Atlas
  • AdForm

Who we work with

Disney Cruise Line
Royal Caribbean
Glasgow Life
Invest Glasgow
Disneyland Paris
Air Newzeland
Celebrity Cruises
MacMillan Science & Education
Walt Disney World Florida
Bus About
Investors In People